“When Henson Media bought WMSK-AM/FM in Morganfield in 2006, the stations were airing your program, Wedding Planning With Pem. Four years later in 2010, Henson Media purchased WSON in Henderson and once again, inherited the show. I understand the program originated at WSON in 2002.

Even though I’m not very knowledgeable about weddings, I have found your show very enjoyable to listen to, due in large part to your enthusiasm, delivery and the content, which you’re able to make fun and engaging.

Best wishes as you continue to pursue syndication of your program. If any of your prospective stations would like to talk about your program and our experience carrying it, feel free to tell them to give me a call.

Best wishes for continued success!”

Ed Henson, Henson Media, Inc.
Louisville, KY, p: 502-458-4222

Wedding Planning with Pem has been a great fit for Terrestrial and Streaming Radio. We have been airing this show for the last 13 years. Wedding planning with Pem has opened the door for Local and Regional advertisers to use this platform as a viable and reliable source of advertising. We look forward to another prosperous 13 years of Wedding Planning with Pem.

Tom Walsh, Account Executive
Townsquare Media Evansville/Owensboro

“I have had the privilege of working with Wedding Planning with Pem since 2004. When I was first approached about the idea of a wedding planning show, I admit that I was a skeptic. But after listening to a demo, I was sold. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

You find yourself drawn into listening and her tips and information are right on target. Over the years we have received numerous compliments on the program. I highly recommend you give it a listen and add it to your programming.”

John Robinson, General Manager
Program Director, Sports Director
WMSK/WUCO, Morganfield, Kentucky

“I am more than happy to have you share my thoughts on Wedding Planning With Pem. Professional never goes out of style, and Wedding Planning With Pem is strong content delivered by an expert in the industry. Pem provides listeners an interesting array of information in an entertaining manner.”

Mark Thomas, Market President
IHeart Media,Riverside, California

I first met Pem when visiting with radio colleagues at WSON radio in Henderson, Kentucky. Pem was very welcoming and kind, inviting everyone into her building. When I was contacted about having Wedding Planning with Pem as a part of my morning talk show, Mid-Mornings w/Amy on WYKY FM in Somerset, Kentucky, I knew I wanted to know more about Pem, her work, and her show. The wedding planning tips Pem provides in her short commentaries are honest, practical, positive, and helpful to any woman or man preparing for their wedding day! In a radio audience comprised largely of smart, working, professional women, having a smart, working, professional woman such as Pem speak to my audience two days a week is a beneficial addition to Mid-Mornings w/Amy. I have enjoyed getting to know Pem Pfisterer Clark!

Amy R. Stroud, Digital Media Coordinator,
Forcht Broadcasting, Mid-Mornings w/Amy Host, Somerset 106.1 FM
PO Box 1480, Somerset, KY 42502, 606-678-8151

“I can honestly say I was there when this all got started! It’s been an honor to produce each edition of Wedding Planning with Pem from day one – it’s been an amazing journey. I look forward to every recording session because I always learn something new and I know your listeners will do the same. Pem works hard to provide sound & timely wedding advice in a professional, entertaining way. Unique, helpful & fun – WPWP is a true trifecta!”

Bill Stephens,
Executive Producer of Wedding Planning With Pem