When Henson Media bought WMSK-AM/FM in Morganfield in 2006, the stations were airing your program, “Wedding Planning With Pem.” Four years later in 2010, Henson Media purchased WSON in Henderson and once again, inherited the show. Understand the program originated at WSON over¬†16 years ago.

Even though I’m not very knowledgeable about weddings, have found your show very enjoyable to listen to, due in large part to your enthusiasm, delivery and the content, which you’re able to make fun and engaging.

Best wishes as you continue to pursue syndication of your program. If any of your prospective stations would like to talk about your program and our experience carrying it, feel free to tell them to give me a call.

Best wishes for continued success!


Ed Henson
Henson Media, Inc.
Louisville, KY
p: 502-458-4222